From Startups to High-Turnover SMEs

Proven Strategies for Business Resilience and Success


With a proven track record in navigating distressed businesses across various sectors, I bring extensive expertise from steering early-stage startups to managing high-turnover million-pound SMEs. As both a solo entrepreneur and co-founder, I've cultivated invaluable experience and resilience, honing my ability to swiftly devise quality solutions for significant financial or operational challenges. Whether you're launching a startup or steering an established business, I'm confident in my capacity to provide prompt and effective solutions, benefiting both your business and personal success.

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitings
  • Business Resurgence
  • Growth Strategies
  • Mentoring Early Stage Start-ups

Strategic Expansion in Logistics

I've strategically acquired logistics companies to fuel the growth of my own logistics business, which operated seamlessly across three locations in the UK. Operating 24/7, we provided essential services to import and export freight forwarders, solidifying our position as a key player in the industry.

Disruptive Ventures

Next-Day Services at Southampton Sea Port: Recognizing a gap in service efficiency, I extended our next-day service from Heathrow to Southampton sea port, drastically reducing turnaround times from 3-4 days to next day.

First All-Electric Car Hire Fleet: Pioneering sustainability, I established the first all-electric car hire fleet operating from London to all areas of the UK. With a fleet of 50 cars operated by owner drivers adhering to hire and reward legal requirements, we reshaped the landscape of car hire with a focus on environmental responsibility.

Versatility Across Sectors

My impact extends beyond logistics, encompassing coaching, retail, mentoring, investments, landlord relations, and negotiations with creditors. I've consistently delivered strategic solutions in diverse industries, shaping success stories that transcend boundaries.

Explore the chapters of my entrepreneurial saga, where each triumph and challenge has shaped the leader I am today.

The love of a multi entrepreneur is never going to be straightforward and with its risks, challenges and disappointment, I have developed an ability to remain positive, focused and resilient.

As I have progressed through life I have never given up on myself, others and the joy of helping people to navigate thier business out of difficult situations, believing that by helping one person you will create the ripple effect that helps many others to move forward with their lives.

If there was one thing I have learned over the years it would be that people are different, they fall into categories that are usually defined by their upbringing, surroundings and fears sometimes passed on by their parents and families.

Being able to work with so many different people in different ways is a skill that you can only learn by doing and being empathetic, patient and a mind reader.

Notable Achievements

Project - Sale or Merger
Sector - Property Conveyancing

2022: Negotiated the sale of this established Legal firm specialising in property services and dispute resolutions.  Successful creating future income for the owner and an exist plan that saved £50k plus on run off fee associated with the closing down of any Law firm.

Project - Save from liquidation
Sector - Personal injury claims
Turnover responsibility £500k

2022: Orchestrated a successful business turnaround, positioning for sustained success. This business was about to close because of the pandemic.  I personally invested cash one week after speaking with the owner, followed by another £150k + cash injection within 1 year of my involvement.  This business is now thriving and now has added more revenue streams, streams introduced by me.  Helping to secure its future growth.

Project - Support the Owner
Sector - International Relocations

2021: Co-founded this venture at the very start of the pandemic, by providing investment, coaching, business development and financial support, mentoring and my established tried and tested network.  Zero turnover to £1m in 3 years.  800 families relocated from Hong Kong.

Sector - Divorcing Advice

2018: Spearheaded change management and growth by delivering a business strategy and pushing through changes that benefited the staff and business, defusing years of tension and resilience to changes the business had to adopt or fail.

This business has now increased the number of employees by 20.  Adding 5 more locations in the UK and increasing the turnover and net profit every year since we implemented the plan.  This business was weeks away from closing in 2018.

Project - Distressed
Sector - Construction
Turnover £3m

2013: Due to the quick expansion of the business, it had become too overwhelming for the Directors to manage and the quality of work was being affected by the workmanship provided by temporary contractors.

Cashflow was very tight due to the slow progress on various sites.  Contractors and suppliers were chasing hard for payments.

I successfully managed the 40+ creditors and kept the business going long enough to complete the current projects and agreed a plan of action for the suppliers to be paid after the business stopped trading.

Project - Save the business and 100 employees Jobs.
Sector - Freight forwarding.  Turnover responsibility £13m

2011: I steered this £13m business through a pre-pack insolvency and then secured the business a £300k cash injection and £500k new invoice finance in under 3 months of my involvement.  Saving all the employees and clients.

Project - Increase net profits
Sector - Computer installations
Turnover responsibility £10m

2002:  Implemented innovative ideas to the logistics operations and change management, resulting in remarkable 300· increase in bottom-line profits.   Suppliers costs reduced by 70%

Project - Increase Productivity
Sector - Logistics
Turnover Responsibility £15m

Executed a strategic restructuring, driving increased productivity and bolstering profits to the four logistics sites I was responsible for.  By the end of my six months consulting this department was showing such high productivity and increasing profits the owner offered me a full time opportunity.

Project - New Start Up
Sector - Start-up Incubator
Turnover £0 to £700k

I started this company to help start-ups to progress quickly and for the owners to learn from my knowledge and experiences.  Helping over 400 owners to move forward with their ideas.